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Are you losing search marketing share to your competitors without even knowing it?

According to recent research, over 70% of all decisions to spend money start with an online search. Good SEO is about your website content categorization and has nothing to do with how you rank on Google Search. Google Search Results are highly personalized, to start with. Where to be visible on Google Products is more of an issue than simply Google Search. A plastic surgeon for example, may want local, national and global visibility. Geolocated search results appear when someone is located in a region and searches for "plastic surgeon", or irrespective of location, someone searches "plastic surgeon location". Those two sets of results will never be exactly the same but that is the simple logic of it - SEO is very simple. Adding the practice location to Google Maps entitled "plastic surgeon location" will help a lot and will kick off the verification for the practice on Google Maps, which when completed will boost geo-focused search results (but still in competition with all others who have done the same). Now, if that plastic surgeon, Dr Mike, wants to make a big name for himself through content association, then the search terms "plastic surgeon" don't really have much to do with it.  

More than ever, it is important to have concisely segregated content on a website in terms of Google. It makes sense for humans too. That's what this is all about. Ranking will come by itself, focus on a clear and concisely arranged website that makes sense, and better results from AdWords advertising are also the result. If you are a new business, or new to getting online or online properly, don't expect to be the rock star at the top of Google Search Results. The length of time you have been established online is also a big factor.

What happened to top Google Ranking?

Ranking on the first page of Google for keywords users actually use to search for your type of product or service does not mean you are guaranteed traffic anymore. The simple reason behind that reality is right in front of your face on Google Search. Google moved adverts from the right side of the page to over the top of Google Search Results while also changing the appearance to look exactly like search results. Accurate keyword focus (content categorization) should still be used to target specific prospects at different times of the buying-cycle. A tidy website that's easy for Google to understand and humans to understand will always do better, in all kinds of different places.

If Dr Mike wants to be at the top of Google Search Results for particular keywords, such as, "plastic surgeon dallas," the only way to do that is with AdWords. The spend is actually very small in most cases, a few dollars a day, and that cost is greatly reduced with better results with good SEO because Dr Mike's content is tidy and aligns well with his advertising, which Google rewards with a lower price and a better position for cost. Now you know that, you have all the understanding of Google that there is. Yes, Google has done a nice job of switching Google Search Results to Paid Search Results gradually. Haven't you noticed that you also believe adverts more than before because they don't look much like adverts? The upside is you can be at the top now, when you pay for it. A couple of years ago, you were on the side bar with ugly yellow bricks.


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As of June 22, 2017, WordPress requires the core 4.8 upgrade and hosting with PHP 7 support, a https SSL certificate and MySQL 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB 10.0 or greater to be secure. WordPress 4.8 will run on hosting with a minimum of PHP 5.4 but may be vulnerable.
The hosting service with PHP 7 support requirement by WordPress is a huge leap from previous versions of WordPress. Many hosting providers don't even offer PHP 7 support (i.e., GoDaddy). If your hosting provider does provide PHP 7 as an option, you need to run a PHP 7 compatibility check on your current website first to check your WordPress theme, plugins and any customizations will function properly before upgrading.
LYNX will check your WordPress website's current status and provide a report on your website's compatibility with PHP 7  even if you have upgraded to 4.8. Your compatibility check will include suggestions you can give to your developer to fix any issues found so you can ensure your website is not vulnerable.
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