Can you afford to ignore Social? No business can

Why is social media marketing so important for your business?

No one can underestimate the power of social media marketing. For example, there are over 1 billion users of Facebook worldwide, and most of them login at least once daily.

Can you afford to ignore social media marketing?

Many business owners realize social media marketing requires a radically new approach. It is word-of-mouth marketing faster and bigger than ever imagined. The virality of social media marketing is shockingly exponential. One or two ‘likes’ can suddenly spread through many thousands of users seemly unrelated consumers. Social media market is very easy for you to implement using a fully-integrated WordPress installation with LYNX.

Each of your blog posts, something you should always continue to release at least once a week will automatically pushed through to your nominated social media accounts - including your Facebook Page. This is something we can help you set up if you really need help.

From that point on, you only need to interact with those who like, share and comment on your article posts.

We can further integrate your Facebook page by replacing the comments system of WordPress with a Facebook comments system by creating a Facebook application and integrating this into your Facebook page. This can greatly increase the interaction between your website, Facebook followers and your Facebook Page as each comment is shared across all of them including the Facebook wall of the user who made the comment.

Integration of Facebook and other social media platforms suitable for your business only makes sense if you are going to have a website to communicate with potential customers.