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Using SEO to Boost Ecommerce Sales

How to Use SEO to Increase Ecommerce Income? Many businesses make the error of limiting search engine optimization (SEO) to ranking websites and attracting targeted traffic. They never integrate it with their sales activities, resulting in a significant gap in their business growth approach. However, if done correctly, SEO may greatly increase your revenues. We’ll […]

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How to Speed Up Your Business WordPress Website in 3 Steps

A Simplified 3-Step Guide to Speeding Up a WordPress Website This guide is designed to help you speed up your website. We have selected the most user-friendly methods so that business website owners or their team members can make improvements. Sure, there are more ways to speed up your website than listed in this simplified […]

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On-Site SEO vs. On-Page SEO: What is the Difference?

On-page SEO is the technical process of optimizing a page. On-site SEO is the technical process of optimizing all pages while considering all other pages and non-existent pages at the same time. You may hear SEO experts talking about content gaps. On-site SEO attempts to address these issues in the early days of a website […]

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Things to Consider When Customizing a WordPress Website

There is no doubt WordPress offers an excellent solution for businesses to create a custom website. Before jumping in to build your website, it is important to plan out your needs. While WordPress is designed for beginners and professional developers alike, it is imperative to be sure you have the skills and time to build […]

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Setting Up Your Google Feed for Shopping Ads with Woocommerce

Woocommerce on WordPress is one of the easiest ways to create a fully flexible e-commerce store. With over 40% of websites on the web built on WordPress, it is not surprising that Woocommerce is so popular. Woocommerce is a plugin and has numerous extensions available to increase the functionality of your Woocommerce e-commerce website. Planning […]

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10 Ways to Harden Business WordPress Website Installations

Best Security Practices When Building a Business Website with WordPress In this article, we take a look at plugins you can use to secure your website during setup. When it comes to hardening your business WordPress, it is important to note that WordPress-specific security doesn’t truly exist. All problems related to security are the same […]

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