Mobile First has made Ads very important.

Why has Google Ads become so important for all websites?

Google is one smart company. They provided us all with Google Search and we all became reliant on it very fast. Everyone uses it. Recently, Google introduced a number of changes to the way it displays results that have made Google Adwords nearly essential for all businesses.

You’ve seen the changes in Google Search display

It wasn’t very long ago that Google Ads were very different to standard Google Search results. Today, they are practically identical. The main visual difference is the tiny little AD sign inside the result.

Further to this, Google moved all Google Ad results to the top of the page or the bottom of the page. This is in alignment with what Google calls Mobile First. The fact that it is giving mobile websites priority over standard desktop websites. Even if you look at Google Search on your desktop, you should be able to see that it just looks like a mobile website page, only larger. On a mobile device, those top paid Google Search results fill the device display.

Ads has taken over Google Search results

What this all means is that Google Ads blend into Google Search results like never before. That is resulting in them being widely clicked on over standard search results compared to the past.

Furthermore, as the number of mobile website users increase, the only results they are first seeing on their device after making a search is Google Ads because the first 3 results are not search results, they are Google Ads.

Small budget and tracked results

Google Ads can be very cost effective if they are done right. With conversion tracking, you will know exactly what you are getting for what you are paying.

We’ve seen some situations where clients were making a real mess of Google Ads and paying ridiculous amounts in very wrong places.