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Will direct email marketing work for you?

Direct email marketing solutions often require more time investment than money to get started. That being said, with a considerable email subscriber list base, care and attention should be used in the way you communicate. Direct email marketing works for everyone. The list is the most important for now. 

Direct email marketing is one of the earliest forms of Internet marketing that is even more valuable today.

Why not stay in touch with those interested in what you do?

It is really that simple. It's not rocket science. You bring together a list of email addresses and you use a web-based application to help you organize and send emails - and you can do that directly through our WEBM3 Package using MailChimp and MailMunch.

What does direct email marketing offer that other online marketing channels don’t?

Email marketing is very unique and works so well because of the nature of the relationship established between you and potential new clients. Let's not get into the discussion. 

A direct email marketing solution offers:

• Direct and regular communication with prospects interested in your business
• Email marketing builds trust and your relationship with your prospects
• Email marketing increases the lifetime of your customers

We l0ve the data and the creativity of direct emailing. 

Strategy development

Are you communicating at the right times with the right message? LYNX helps you better understand your marketing and make the right decisions. Whether you business is small or large, strategic consideration of your subscribers and how to appeal to them over the long term should be your focus.

HTML email design.

High impact email marketing is essential. If you don’t get attention immediately, you have probably lost it for good.

Database development.

A good website is one of the best ways to collect the right email addresses for your database. Your choice of emailer can be integrated into your website to collect emails. Obviously, you will need to offer something to encourage your visitors to give your their email address, from discount offers to free guides, you will always need some form of incentive - and keep in mind that it doesn't have to be a lot.


Words make a huge difference. Without them not much is left. Some people can just write better than others. Before you get hung up on how and what, get out a pen and write a letter. 

You current emailing application can be integrated into WordPress so that you continue to work directly through your site, but you may need LYNXServices, such as copywriting so that you can be creative and not bogged down by the work of your marketing. See our premium extensions for our WordPress Subscription Packages and LYNXServices.