Stay with your prospects as they move around.

Are you missing the incredible opportunity?

Social media, namely Facebook, is here to stay. It will never replace the giant that Google is, especially as Google continues to roll out a massive array of new products and new technologies. That being said, there are some serious benefits you can get from advertising with Facebook.

Getting out a targeted message quickly and doing it affordably

Facebook advertising is perfect for getting out a message quickly. Demographic targeting allows you to reduce your costs and focus on those consumers you believe to be your target market.

Changing demographics with changing messages

It is important to remember there is no such thing as the perfect target market. This is especially the case with Facebook advertising. Different messages often require a change in your demographic targeting. This is something to always keep in mind when you are getting ready to fire off advertising through Facebook.

Unlike Google, Facebook still does not have the technology to learn for itself and learn more about your potential customers over time so that it can assist you with predictive advertising to increase your return on investment. This is why the combination of short burst campaigns using Facebook to get immediate results are complementary to longer term advertising campaigns with Google that require ongoing investment but deliver increasing returns over time.