More than just research, and excellent way to market.

Are you taking advantage of consumer research?

Questionnaires and customer surveys are some of the best ways to learn about your customers and prospective clients. What many don't realise is that surveys and questionnaires are just as good at letting customers and potential clients about your business, often without them realising too.

Implementing surveys quickly through your WordPress website.

The great thing about WordPress websites is that they make it very easy for you to implement surveys and questionnaires directly on your site. This method can also be used work alongside your lead generation strategies. With a little incentive, it is not too difficult to gather even more email addresses for your direct email marketing campaigns. Mailchimp combined with MailMunch is one of the most affordable (free to an extent) to handle subscriber lists and surveys.

Expand your surveys to include multiple touchpoints.

Google Forms are another hidden gem that many people do not know about. They are extremely easy build and most first time users can create highly sophisticated forms with interactive features that take them beyond a standard survey. Sharing Google forms is even easier. As with Google Documents, Google Forms are Cloud-based. This means they reside in Google's free Cloud services, which ultimately results in a management-less system even as Google Forms collates and compiles the data from your surveys. You can share the links to your surveys however you want, making them extremely effective to reach customers through multiple touchpoints.

Once again, we cannot forget Facebook. Free surveys available through Facebook are an excellent way to enhance your consumer research and a way to market your organisation without paying advertising fees.