WordPress that isn't up-to-date will get hacked

Most website owners don't even know their website is being exploited.

Even more common, malware hides well using the website to spam out emails and abuse hosting resources. GravityScan by the people behind Wordfence offers a free but limited scan for any website and the results are a great indicator of how a website stacks up.

WordPress 4.8 running on PHP 7 is the minimum requirement for a secure WordPress website.

Even if your hosting company does provide PHP 7, many themes and plugins don’t work on PHP 7. Upgrading could crash your website. We know this because we're helping a lot of website owners get out of a fix. The Bill Evans Core Update is one of the biggest, and most understated, upgrades in many years. It has changed everything to do with WordPress. You should note that WordPress 9 is already in the Beta stage and will be released soon.


Some examples of what is with WordPress include:




Many existing WordPress sites are not PHP7 compatible.


Woocommerce 3 has been a requirement for a while.


Abandoned plugins need alternative solutions.


Each WordPress site requires a tailored solution.

Let us help you with a full compatibility check and report for your existing WordPress website.

We can help you with the changes necessary so that your website will function on the PHP 7 environment and your business will improve from it. One of the biggest advantages of having a WordPress website running on the PHP 7 environment is increased page download times - which is extremely important these days as Google continues to push the importance of mobile friendly websites and fast download times. How long are you prepared to wait for a website page to load? This is a question that we all need to ask ourselves.


The results are confidential and will be forwarded to you shortly after we verify your identity.