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Advantages of WordPress for Your Business Website

Reasons Why WordPress is the Most Recommended CMS Platform for Businesses

With so many CMS systems to choose from for your small or medium sized business in Dallas, you may be wondering why Lynx Search Engine Marketing recommends WordPress as the go to platform. Apart from the fact that WordPress is the most popular CMS for websites on the Internet, there are many advantages to operating your business on WordPress. At the same time, it is important to appreciate that the web is a competitive place. It doesn't matter what platform you choose, for a sophisticated website that attracts prospects, most owners prefer to get assistance because the work still needs to be done to configure and optimize a website. WordPress removes many of the costs that other platforms comes with.

This article looks at the benefits of WordPress for your business.

Professional Advice

All websites need to be managed and maintained. The advantage of WordPress is the lower cost. When built with the long term in mind, WordPress provides a lower cost solution. Because WordPress is open source, and if your theme and plugins are chosen by savvy developers, you don't need to pay for the ownership of your configuration. You don't have ongoing costs related to the build of your website. When developing your business WordPress website at Lynx Search Engine Marketing, we avoid costly components, to reduce the build-cost and ongoing cost of your business website. We only recommend you engage in our maintenance and security packages so we can ensure your website is safe and operates optimally.

Here is a look at why so many business owners choose WordPress for their CMS.

Benefits and Advantages of WordPress

There are many benefits to using the WordPress CMS. This advantages are not limited to this list.

1. Basic Website Builds are Very Easy

WordPress can be installed by just about anyone. If you are creating a basic website to represent your business, you don't always need a skilled developer team. WordPress has been created for both beginners and professional website developers.

2. WordPress is Easy To Use

WordPress was created for everyone to use. The CMS platform comes with a simple interface and includes tutorials to get you started. If you can use basic office software, you can use WordPress.

It comes with intuitive design, directions, and tutorials to get you started and keep you going.

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3. Cost Effective with Free Themes and Plugins

Apart from the cost of your hosting, setting up a WordPress website can be pretty much close to zero if you choose themes and plugins that are readily available without charge. WordPress is the most affordable CMS system on the market.

Professional Advice

Lynx Search Marketing helps clients with custom websites to reduce the cost of expensive themes and plugins. Reducing the amount of plugins your website uses will also create a more stable and light WordPress installation. That is why we focus on helping businesses with their website design and development. A good place to start when thinking about what you want with your website is to look at other websites you want to emulate while asking yourself what functions you need. If your requirements are fairly basic, we will let you know. That being said, having one team to build and maintain your website means we know your installation and how to best ensure it stays secure. Security is the biggest issue for businesses. This is especially the case if you are handling sensitive client data.

4. WordPress Works Great with Search Engines

Another reason why many business owners choose WordPress is the fact that it is designed and configured to be easily indexed by search engines. The free plugin, Yoast SEO, is readily available to guide you on creating content that search engines prefer.

5. Mobile Friendly Website Design

Responsive website designs adjust to the visitors device. When it comes to SMBs, you won't requires a separate mobile website, WordPress comes with responsive website themes and plugins, which means your business website will adjust to mobile, tablet and desktop computers without any extra coding. The key to a great responsive website is to keep it simple. Simple layout doesn't mean unsophisticated.

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6. Huge Number of Themes and Plugins

Themes create the framework for your website. Plugins extend the functionality. The WordPress repository has over 50,000 plugins. If you can think of it, someone else probably already has. Extending the functionality of WordPress websites is often as easy as installing a plugin. That being said, numerous plugins can slow down a website -- this is where Lynx Search Marketing can help.

7. Built-In Blog for Marketing Content

If you are reading this page, you should note that it is a blog post. Pages are stand alone compared to posts. You can think of a post as a book in a library. For example, most business owners add advice and tips related to their business as blog posts. Services, on the other hand, are usually pages. When creating a website, the core content, such as contact, about, services and other company related information are created as pages. Ongoing content is added to your business website with posts. WordPress has this functionality built-in. This has become the standard for anyone who wants to add extra content to their website. Adding this extra content is relatively easy with the use of the WordPress editor and allows businesses to continue to build their website without having to engage us to create ongoing pages.

8. Flexible and Grows with Your Business

WordPress installations are incredibly flexible, and can be easy modified to grow with your business. This is the advantage of such an easy-to-use CMS system. Adding new products or services is as simple as clicking on add product, add page or add new post. Existing content isn't fixed either, you can always update any information displayed by your business website as easily as using a word processor.


9. E-Commerce with Woocommerce

Woocommerce is the standard plugin for e-commerce. It can be used for all types of e-commerce, including subscription for services. Numerous payment plugins are also available. Whether you are planning to sell 10 or 10,000 products or services directly online, Woocommerce is more than capable of handling your needs.

Professional Advice

Building an e-commerce website will involve the use of paid plugins. At Lynx Search Engine Marketing, we build the cost of basic paid plugins into your website design and build. Our maintenance packages include an installation of Wordfence. As previously mentioned, our goal is to minimize the need for paid plugins. In some cases, we also use paid plugins to speed up the development process (standard across industry) or are modifying them to suit your needs.

There are many more advantages and benefits to using the WordPress platform. If you have basic technical ability, you will be able to create your own website with relative ease. You have probably seen numerous advertisements that show owners creating a website in minutes and selling thousands of products and marketing their services instantly. This is never the case. Yes, beginners can build a website without the help of professionals. When it comes to business, WordPress is perfect for removing the platform costs of CMS that are often hidden costs, such as themes, plugins, payment methods, hosting, and access. If you are looking for a complete service to build and maintain your website, Lynx Search Engine Marketing has over a decade of helping SMBs in Dallas, TX.

If you’d like a WordPress website built for your small or medium sized business, contact Lynx Search Engine Marketing so one of our consultants can talk with you today.