LYNXServices are all those small jobs that you need to get done when building your online marketing.

Creating a strategy often sounds great at the beginning but unless you have the resources to get that work done, online marketing soon becomes extremely overwhelming. Many marketers, business owners and individuals underestimate the time it takes to get work done. It is very easy to assume that work done online doesn't take as long as does in the "real world". Getting jobs, tasks, and all those little loose ends done and done properly requires a plan and management, and then it requires the workhorses, the grunt workers, the gig workers, those in the trenches to get it done. On the other hand, if you plan out what you need done much like modern factory production, jobs can be broken down into small manageable chunks to be dealt with.

It is these processes that we've itemized for you and provide them as individual services, much like products available on the shelf. All you need to do is put your LYNXServices together to get the job done.

This allows you to allocate your budget and know exactly what you are getting. You only pay for what you need and this type of billing is great for aligning your accounts at the end of the period.

Even if you are not a marketing manager with too many tasks to complete each month to keep your online marketing strategy heading in the right direction, some of our services are perfect for busy individual professionals who could do with lightening their load by getting help with social posting from twitter to LinkedIn.




LYNXServices make it easy for your to plan, budget, allocate, time, manage and justify the work you are doing for your whole online marketing strategy.

Each of the LYNXServices are fulfilled by dedicated staff who work specifically on that particular service, and who have many years of experience with us here at LynxSEM. You just can't go wrong. You save time and you know exactly what is getting done and at a fixed price each month.