LYNXServices Digital Marketing Packages

Complete website support for peace of mind, ongoing results and growth.

Please take your time to peruse LYNXServices. Answers to FAQs are available below the complete list of LYNXServices provided.


Complete website support for peace of mind, steady ongoing results, growth and freedom from sitting at the machine.


Complete website support for peace of mind, steady ongoing results, growth and freedom from sitting at the machine.


Fire up the machine and let our experts and technology drive sales for you.


Answers to the most common questions we are asked.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee?

Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee covers you for dissatisfaction. Once claimed, you will not be able to purchase any LYNXService again. If you are unhappy with our work, we will refund you promptly, you do not own the content and cannot publish it and we don't want you to ask us to do anything for you again. Our clients are happy clients.

One revision?

We aim to get things right the first time. With over a decade of full service digital marketing services (SEO/SEM) and 2 decades in print publishing and a history working with big name organizations, we really know what we are doing. You have your opportunity to make edits or suggested edits and we will revise once, and only once for you. 

Do any services roll over if not used?

No, if a monthly service purchased is not used within 30 days, you do not get future credit unless otherwise organized.

Materials and resources you provide?

We will send you a simple scope resource survey once you have purchased a service. By answering those questions, we will know what to do. If there is anything else we need to ask, we will contact you again after you have completed the scope resource survey. We know what questions to ask.

Are there any contracts?

No. You only buy what you want each month (which starts on the day of your purchase).

How does payment work?

You pay with credit card once your shopping cart is how you want it. Payments are handled securely offsite with Stripe, and once payment is confirmed, we go to work.


For services we provide imagery suitable for the post or the blog. We take full responsibility that the images are copyrighted and legal to use. 

Want to compare rates with a major provider?

It is easy enough to get on Upwork and hire a freelancer to do a task for you, especially if you want non-native speakers to do it. We don't recommend that at all because language nuances are extremely important for both people and search engines. If you would like to compare our rates, take a look at workify, targeted at agencies who then add on pricing to you. Our rates are 30% lower while we provide a broader and highly targeted range of services.

Why 1 month, 6 or 12 months

Successful digital marketing is based on consistency and over the longer term. Facebook posts for one month won't help you, and Adwords and Facebook Advertising both need to collect data that can be optimised by our professionals to improve conversion rates.

One [1] month services are provided over the month from the time you purchase. There is a lot that goes into providing those services, including you assisting us by responding to our project scope/survey that we will provide. One [1] month services give time for everyone involved to participate with time to spare. We generally complete 1 month services well before the full 30 days (we only count months in 30 days). It is important you respond to us promptly as we are not responsible for services that are incomplete because you caused a delay, something we just don't do.