Managed Hosting Vs Shared

This is a sweet look at the differences between Managed Hosting and Shared Hosting for WordPress.


It's worth a read as long as you take a bit of salt with it. The pros aren't as big and the cons are bigger. Again, what does it really all mean if you are a dentist or you specialize in wholesale industrial cleaning equipment supply and support? This does a great job of explaining the differences as long as you remember to throw some water on the blazing. Take a read and you'll get it pretty quickly. 


This means that you will always be running the latest, most stable and most secure versions of just about everything.

Shared hosting sometimes offers something similar, but with a slight twist. Shared hosting operators will also take care of maintaining your server essentials, however, this will be done far less proactively and primarily include only the operating system, control panel, PHP, MySQL and Apache — at best. It will not, generally, include WordPress — which you will need to maintain yourself.


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