Pay Google to Get Best Results

Image Source: Google Inc.

Everyone Can Profit with AdWords


You might have heard the news briefly and it's already gone.  What is President Trump's opinion on Google Search results. The fact is, the only way to be at the top of the page in Google, is to pay for it with AdWords. "SEO" is more helpful for "lower advertising costs" on AdWords than anything else. Don't worry, Google won't let you fail, unless you are an idiot, it's that simple. Google needs customers to profit from AdWords, and if they don't, Google will tell you that you are "raising awareness".

The key to benefiting from Google AdWords is to be extremely frugal.


The $2.7 billion fine slapped on Google by the EU was covered by Bloomberg.


Here's a walk-through of what the EU is so upset about. This is for desktop computer searches. On phones, there's less digital real estate, leaving even less space for competitors. Before we start, it's important to note that Google argues customers aren't that interested in clicking through to other price comparison sites and want to go directly to retailers' sites from Google. It denies any wrongdoing and is considering an appeal.


You can decide for yourself.


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